Who should play your favorite characters from books and games? Each episode, Max and Brian pick one pop culture property and play casting directors, nominating their best fit for each role. The ultimate decision belongs to the listeners, as the Final Casting Call becomes a poll.

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    Stumptown - Episode 009

    Max and Brian fancast the graphic novel Stumptown Vol. 1 (2011), from Oni Press, written by Greg Rucka with art by Matthew Southworth.

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    Southern Reach Series - Episode 008

    Max and Brian discuss and fan-cast Jeff VanderMeer's award-winning Southern Reach novels: Annihilation (2014), Authority (2014), and Acceptance (2014).

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    Willow - Episode 007

    Max and Brian fan cast the fantasy movie Willow (1988).

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    Max and Brian set the stage for something at Uncasting.com.

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